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Preventing HIV/AIDS among persons with disabilities : a handbook for policy makers, healthcare providers and care givers of people with disabilities

IVOM, Damian O

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This handbook highlights the factors responsible for the spread of HIV, methods of preventing it within persons with disabilities and how they can be reached and integrated into HIV and AIDS programmes and activities, so as to cause a reduction within its communities and in the general population. It is premised on the fact that many programmes and activities on HIV and AIDS in developing countries especially Sub-Saharan Africa have not realised the need to include persons with disabilities

Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in development and humanitarian programmes

July 2004

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This book deals with the need to adapt mainstream development and humanitarian work to address the problem of HIV and AIDS. It explains the concept of 'mainstreaming' HIV/AIDS in simple language, with practical guidelines for applying the approach in a wide range of sectors. The author's previous book, 'AIDS on the Agenda: Adapting Development and Humanitarian Programmes to Meet the Challenge of HIV/AIDS', made the case for mainstreaming, using both theoretical discussion and experiences from the field. She has now adapted that work to produce this shorter and simpler book, to make the idea and practice of mainstreaming more accessible to those who actually do development and humanitarian work, as well as those who manage and fund it

Orphans and vulnerable children in India : understanding the context and the response

ANASTASI, Marie-Christine
June 2003

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A report from a meeting for exchange and learning between organisations working with orphans and vulnerable children in India, looking community responses to working with this group. The experience of Plan International, Palmyrah Workers Development Society and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance was presented to the meeting. Specific responses to working with orphans and vulnerable children discussed in the report include lessons from a child participatory approach, prevention of mother-to-child transmission and the development of community action


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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