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IPR, innovation, human rights and access to drugs : an annotated bibliography

VIDAL, Jaume

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This annotated bibliography brings together references to scientific, legal and other materials on globalisation, patents and drugs. It is organised into sections on general articles (basic literature on the topic), country studies (by region), thematic sections on TRIPS (the World Trade Organization treaty on patents) and patents, drug research and development, and human rights and access to drugs. Finally a section on electronic information sources highlights useful websites and discussion groups on these issues. Each reference includes full bibliographic information and a thorough, descriptive abstract detailing the key points of each item

Integrating intellectual property rights and development policy : report of the commission on intellectual property rights

September 2002

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This detailed and thorough report considers whether and how intellectual property rights (IPRs) can play a role in achieving the Millenium Development Goals. It explores the potential benefits of IPRs in stimulating economic growth, and the associated benefits in terms of productivity and reduced poverty. It considers also the barriers that IPRs may present to developing economies, including discouraging invention, research, technology transfer, domestic production and driving up the costs of medicines and agricultural inputs. Key issues covered in successive chapters include: current evidence about the impact of IPRs in developing countries; development of and access to medicines; protection of plants and genetic resources; the Convention on Biological Diversity, traditional knowledge, cultural expressions and geographic indicators; copyright and patents; IPR legislation for developing countries; international and national institutional framework for IPRs


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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