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Beyond our borders: a guide to twinning for HIV/AIDS organizations|Depasser nos Frontieres : un guide de jumelage a l'intention des organismes du domaine du VIH/SIDA|Mas alla de nuestras fronteras : guia de hermanamiento para organismos que trabajan en e


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'A Guide to Twinning' enhances the ability of community-based HIV/AIDS organisations to undertake twinning with organisations in other countries. It provides a step-by-step guide on how to make twinning happen. The guide also: - outlines the benefits of twinning, describes the different forms of twinning and lists several examples of past or current twinning projects; - presents lessons learned from existing twinning projects, including the characteristics of successful twinning and challenges associated with twinning projects; and - describes some of the cultural issues that can arise in international twinning projects, including issues around intercultural understanding and communications, North-South dynamics, and language

Sustainable health care financing in southern Africa : papers from an EDI health policy seminar held in Johannesburg, South Africa, June 1996

BEATTIE, Allison
et al

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This book summarizes a senior policy seminar in Johannesburg, South Africa, that examined two facets of sustainable health care financing: using available resources more effectively to extract more value for the money; and raising additional revenues for health care. Topics included orienting public health resources toward primary health care, improving control of and accountability for district financing, improving hospital efficiency, and making more effective use of donor funding