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Giving with one hand...evaluation of post-earthquake physical rehabilitation response in Haiti, 2010 : a systems analysis

TATARYN, Myroslava

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This report presents the evaluation of the post-emergency rehabilitation response in Haiti in order to assess what had been achieved, to learn from good and not-so-good practice, and to promote the development of an effective rehabilitation sector in the future.This evaluation provides evidence, to inform humanitarian organisations, about what must be done in a post-disaster situation so that people with disabilities have access to relief and protection on an equal basis with others, and what is required in the long-term to develop a good rehabilitation service

The emerging field of disabilities studies : a view from Britain

October 2000

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This paper explores the emerging field of disabilities studies from a view point from Britain. It outlines tensions within the field from both within the academy and those between disability studies and disabled people, and explores potential and possibilities for disability studies “"Disability Studies : a global perspective"
Washington DC, USA
October 2000


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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