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Global plan to stop TB. Phase 1 : 2001 to 2005


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This resource outlines the Stop TB Partnership's first phase of a global plan to stop TB. It looks at number of aspects relating to TB and TB control, including: the challenges around global TB control; the power and potential of DOTS; the connection between TB and HIV/AIDS, and complementarities of potential responses; the growing threat of multidrug-resistant TB; the need to invest in the future; the global partnership to stop TB; Stop TB plans and how to support the global plan to stop TB

5050 : 50 years : historical review. 50 months : countdown to a TB-free future

MACH, Adrea

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This document presents a comprehensive historical review of TB control, focusing in particular on the progress since Amsterdam, on global initiatives and international funding, and success stories. It also looks at the challenges for the near future, arguing for an expansion of DOTS coverage, better education, effective public-private partnership and greater involvement of NGOs and calling for a scaling up of realistic programmes designed to control, rather than eliminate as yet, the disease. This publication will be useful to programme managers, NGOs and policy makers working in the area of TB control. Including a range of case studies and success stories, it shows what works best and what priorities should be set in the short and medium term


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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