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Making the connection : assessing the impact of integrating natural resource management and reproductive health in the Loboc Watershed, Bohol Island, Philippines

LUCERO, Rainera
et al

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This document reports the methods and findings of an operational research project designed to assess the impact of efforts to integrate natural resource management and reproductive health with comparison to stand-alone reproductive health and natural resource management programs. Although there were not significant differences in reproductive health or natural resource management indicators in the three program sites after the brief (less than 20 months) implementation period, the results suggest that the integrated approach used by World Neighbors-Philippines and its partners positively impacts community organization and empowerment, and generates active involvement of a broader segment of the community

Children and home-based care : integrating support for children affected by HIV and AIDS into home-based care programmes

August 2004

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This report focuses on the growing trend to integrate home-based care initiatives with those serving children affected by HIV and AIDS. It advocates for integration, and looks at the challenges as well as the benefits of doing so. It looks in detail at the processes necessary to integrate CABA services into HBC through responding to five basic questions: Are CABA activities pre-existing or new? Does HBC change much as a result of integrating CABA activities? Is care provided by a single, general volunteer team or separate, specialised teams? Is support to children long-term or short-term? Do programmes have a holistic approach or a more narrow medical focus?

Reproductive health

USAID AFRICA BUREAU. Office for Sustainable Development

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A collection of briefings from USAID's Africa Bureau on their activities in various areas of reproductive health

Malaria prevention : lessons learned

ARATA, Andrew
May 1999

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A brief but insightful report on lessons learned in malaria prevention. These are carefully explained and expanded in the text and include points such as the impact of urbanisation in Africa on malaria epidemiology; the need for simple, rapid but scientifically sound methods for assssing transmission; the role of risk area mapping in surveillance and project planning; and the need for careful operational research prior to implementing Insecticide Treated Net (ITN) programmes

Review of early childhood development policy and programs in Sub-Saharan Africa


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The report complements the paper "The Condition of Young Children in Sub-Saharan Africa" (report no. WTP326). This report reviews current programs and policies across a set of country experiences, and focuses on efforts which address intersecting health, nutrition, and early education needs of children aged zero to six in their institutional and socio-cultural environments. Eleven approaches to early childhood development were selected for study. The report analyzes in each case the contextual impetus from which program and policy choices were made. The analysis begins with program and policy features which directly affect children and their families, then works outward to levels of community, regional, national and international support. Concluding chapters highlight gaps in experience to date and summarize challenges which lie ahead for creating integrated supports to health, nutrition, and early education in a manner that is consistent with the strengths of tradition and culture in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Integrating STDs and AIDS services into family planning programs


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[Publisher's abstract] A five-day, 13-session training workshop to broaden family planning programmes to meet additional reproductive health needs, field-tested in Kenya by more than 60 health care managers and community-based distributors. Topics include attitudes about STDs and HIV/AIDS, approaches to motivating behaviour change, cultural and gender issues in counselling, communication and counselling skills and content and confidentiality issues


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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