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Leapfrog technologies : hand-held computers and mobile phones

LONG, Maurice

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This is a report of the Health Information Forum meeting looking at leapfrog technologies. Wireless, satellite and hand-held systems have the potential to leapfrog information and communication into the next age. The presentations and discussions were based around the question of whether these technologies could meet the information needs of healthcare providers in developing countries. Four presentations were made: "Mobile phones and medical television in developing countries"; "ICTs for health information in rural Latin America"; "Leapfrog technologies : a revolution in continuing medical education?"; and "Leapfrog technologies: lessons learned and future prospects". The report includes links to the PowerPoint presentations that were made at the meeting

The media in governance : a guide to assistance : developing free and effective media to serve the interests of the poor


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A guide produced by the UK's Department for International Development (DFID), to assist development agencies and governments of developing countries in deciding whether, and how, to support the development of the media. Specifically, it addresses the potential role of the media in improving government; the regulatory role of government; building an effective media sector; and campaigning and investigative journalism

Working with the media in conflicts and other emergencies


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A guide written primarily for DFID staff, highlighting the benefits, challenges and options when considering funding media/communications interventions. Includes sections on when to support such initiatives; what types of assistance to provide media organisations; how to appraise and monitor media interventions. Also supplies intervention frameworks to assist in identifying relevant interventions; advice on supporting balanced, responsible reporting; case studies; lists of relevant organisations, contacts within DFID, and further reading


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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