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Disability, inclusion and development : key information resources

December 2005

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This directory of information resources pulls together over 300 of the most practical and useful books, reports, videos, CD-ROMs and websites on disability. It is aimed at organisations working with disabled people in developing countries. Organised thematically, It covers a wide range of issues including human rights, gender, poverty and mainstreaming, as well as planning and management of disability programmes and service delivery relating to children, community-based rehabilitation, mental health and HIV and AIDS. The directory provides a quick reference listing of information resources with clear abstracts and details of distributors and websites, while the CD-ROM contains many published and un-published full-text documents, as well as links to websites for those who can access the Internet. The index of publishers and distributors will be especially useful to resource centres and information services which collect and manage information on disability and development

Inclusive education


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This Key list highlights essential information resources on inclusive education. Over recent years, approaches in education for disabled children have moved from special needs education toward inclusive education, reflecting a change from the medical to the social model of disability, as well as a growing human rights focus in the disability field. In 1994, the Salamanca Statement declared that schools should accept all children regardless of disability or special educational need. Ten years on, there are many differing views about how to implement inclusive education. For some practitioners the concept of inclusive education has been widened to encompass other issues as well as disability, such as gender, ethnicity and HIV status, while for others the concern is to ensure that segregated education continues for some groups of children. The resources in this Key list include practical guides, case-studies, guidance materials for managers, and resources for parents


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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