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Disability and inclusive education : a paper prepared for the InterAmerican Development Bank

PORTER, Gordon L

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This paper describes the current situation of inclusive education in the Americas. It pays special attention to the situation of disabled children in rural areas. Only a small proportion (between 1% and 10%) of the children with special needs in the Americas have access to schooling. Almost none of these children now have the opportunity to attend a regular community school with their non-disabled peers.
The paper states that education systems for all children can be created with adequate funding targeted at community schools. Segregation and exclusion has failed. Inclusion and the good educational practice that it offers hope to a region that needs to ensure educational equity and participation by all

Overcoming resource barriers : the challenge of implementing inclusive education in rural areas

MILES, Susie

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This paper examines inclusive education in rural areas and presents case studies highlighting potential barriers and solutions and lessons learnt. The summary of lessons learnt includes the following point: to embrace the whole school approach; to ensure specialist support is at national level; to ensure access to information for teachers; and to develop teacher training and create community involvement. This paper is useful for people interested in inclusive education in rural areas
A Symposium on Development Policy "Children with Disabilities and the Convention on the Rights of the Child"
Bonn, Germany
27-29 October 2000


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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