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Disability law and reasonable accommodation beyond employment. A legal analysis of the situation in EU Member States.

November 2016

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This report analyses the situation in the 28 EU Member States with regard to obligations to provide reasonable accommodation outside the field of employment. More specifically, the report outlines the duties contained in Member States’ laws and policies with respect to reasonable accommodation in the areas covered by the 2008 proposal of the European Commission for a directive to protect people from discrimination on the ground of disability, as well as discrimination on a number of other grounds (henceforth 2008 proposal). The 2008 proposal addresses the fields of social protection, including social security, healthcare and social housing; education; and access to, and supply of, goods and services, including housing. It seeks to prohibit six kinds of discrimination including, in the context of disability, an unjustified denial of a reasonable accommodation

DOI: 10.2838/15305

Disability and social change : a South African agenda

et al

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This book has been produced to promote the social rights of people with disabilities. It presents extensive research on the South African context of disability and society and draws upon contributions from a diverse range of specialists in the field. A key aim of the text is to unite the disability movement in South Africa through research discourse, as a means to drive processes of social change. Key sections of the book cover: theoretical approaches to disability; governmental and societal responses to disability; disability and education; disability poverty and social security; disability and service provision; disability and human spaces. This book would be of interest to anybody working in the fields of disability, development and social inclusion

Amar Jyoti inspires confidence

Tuli, Uma

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Description of an integrated school in Karkardooma, Delhi where 50% of pupils are disabled. The school prioritises children from underprivileged backgrounds. In addition to education, children receive medical attention. Amar Jyoti have started a one-year course for teaching children with special needs

Learning from each other

Mawer, Richard

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The starting point is that integration in schools is positive for disabled children. It provides pointers on how integrated education initiatives can happen. These are under the headings selection, preparation, training, support and implementation

An inclusive education guide for families


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This guide is for families to help them seek inclusive education opportunities for their disabled child. It encourages families to think of themselves as allies to their disabled children by thinking about disability using the Social Model of Disability. The Guide helps families ask questions of schools and to be more confident to seek out a school that is inclusive of all children from the local community


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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