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A description of the selected interventions for the care of orphans and vulnerable children in Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe

DLAMINI, Phetsile K

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This report contributes to phase one of a research programme which explores the social, political, economic and systemic determinants that affect vulnerability to HIV. This report documents existing interventions to gain more in-depth knowledge of interventions at grassroots level, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and consider opportunities and threats; analyse and assess the outcomes of such interventions and whether objectives were met, including the impact on vulnerable children, their families and communities, considering nutritional and education status, and psychosocial well-being; ascertain the level of awareness around HIV and AIDS, and especially of prevention strategies and care

International consultation on reviewing community-based rehabilitation (CBR) organized by WHO : in collaboration with UN organisations, NGOs and DPOs hosted by the government of Finland Helsinki 25-28 May 2003, Theme Paper

May 2003

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The conference was held to review the experiences of 20 years of CBR and evaluate the impact of the approach in order to provide a direction for the development of CBR in the new millennium

Community based rehabilitation : a strategy for peacebuilding

BOYCE, William
KOROS, Michael
HODGSON, Jennifer

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There are features of peace building which distinguish it from peace keeping and which make it an appropriate strategy in dealing with vertical conflict and low intensity conflict. However, some theorists suggest that attempts to impose liberal values upon non-democratic cultures are misguided and lack an ethical basis. During post-conflict reconstruction, disability is a powerful emotive lever that can be used to mobilize cooperation between factions. Consequently, the paper investigates the peace building properties of community based approaches to disability in a number of countries. The paper describes the practice and impact of peace building through community based rehabilitation (CBR) strategies in the context of armed conflict. Finally, a number of benefits and challenges to using CBR strategies for peacebuilding purposes are identified


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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