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Access to water, hygiene and sanitation for persons with disabilities in the locality of Mandiakuy (Tominian Circle in Mali)


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“In partnership with Handicap International’s Social Inclusion and Rights Project and Messiah College (an American university), World Vision initiated actions to enable PWD to gain full autonomy regarding access to safe WASH in the city of Mandiakuy, Mali…To overcome the existing accessibility barriers, this project developed a number of innovative technological solutions to water source and latrine access, and delivered inclusive WASH training to the community including those with disabilities”

Case study 9

Including persons with disabilities in water and sanitation project : Mali : evaluation phase

October 2007

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“The following case study is an example of a pilot project, including a follow up evaluation and further research on water and sanitation facilities for people with disabilities. It shows how people with disabilities have been included in both the implementation and evaluation stages of a pilot project. WaterAid has used the lessons learned for mainstreaming disability in all its water and sanitation projects”

Note: This is an abridged version of a case study written by Tom Russell and WaterAid Mali, Oct. 2007

A study on access to water, hygiene and sanitation for people in a disabling situation in Mali (region of Tominian) : data analysis

HORNE, Caroline

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This report presents the results of a study on the access to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) for persons in a disabling situation in the regions of Tominian and the city of San in Mali. The report introduces the methodology used during the study in Tominian and the focus groups; presents the detailled results of the study; and highlights recommendations and proposals suggested by the people in disabling siutations to facilitate water accessibility are highlighted. This document would be useful for people interested in WASH accessibility issues in Mali


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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