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Our future : sexuality and life skills education for young people. Grades 8 - 9

April 2007

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To help support young people, the Government of Zambia has a comprehensive strategy for sexual and reproductive health and HIV education in and out of school. This is the first in a series of three books which focus on young people of different ages. Each book contains learning activities and illustrations, which engage young people in understanding themselves and their world. They reflect on the virtues and skills needed to develop caring and loving relationships, make good decisions, solve problems and seek help. The topics and activities are designed to fit into the national curriculum or to be used in extra curricula activities in or out of school. The books are accompanied by a Teachers’ Guide

AIDS medicines and diagnostics services (AMDS)

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The AMDS is the secretariat of a network for supply management of HIV commodities and brokers cooperation between technical partners, funding agencies, manufacturing companies and other organisations. AMDS also operates a clearing house collecting and disseminating strategic information through Global price reporting mechanism, Drug regulatory data database, and ARV forecast integrated in this website or through a dedicated website for procurement and supply management (PSM Tools)

SCMS [supply chain management system]

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This website includes an e-catalogue of products set out in categories including: ARVs, HIV test kits, essential drugs, and laboratory equipment and supplies, offering a brief description of each product. There is also a resource centre which includes reports of past orders through SCMS, giving data on procurement volumes


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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