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Let's teach about AIDS : assessing change


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Ideas, examples and practical activities and around project evaluation. Last in a series of six booklets developed in southern Africa for use by AIDS educators, describing participatory learning exercises that can be used with adults and young people. Other booklets in this series cover a range of issues, including how to use visual aids, education and drama

Aidsmap : information on HIV and AIDS

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This comprehensive website includes reviewed information on a wide range of HIV and AIDS issues, including treatment and care, living with HIV, preventing HIV, basic information on the disease and the epidemic, and a database of organisations. Although there is a slight bias towards information relevant to people in developed countries, particularly around treatment options, many of the information resources will be useful in and are tailored to resource-poor settings. NAM exists to support the fight against AIDS with independent, accurate, accessible and comprehensive information. Includes directories of contacts and organisations working in the HIV field, as well as international resources database which is searchable in 6 languages

China HIV/AIDS information network (CHAIN)


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China HIV/AIDS Information Network (CHAIN) hosts an extensive website which provides an online gateway to CHAIN's resources. The web-based search engine allows users to search for materials in either electronic form or access a summary of materials unavailable electronically. CHAIN is currently expanding its online, searchable Chinese database which will allow individuals from all sectors of Chinese society to search and access CHAIN's extensive online database and download materials, or order them from the CHAIN resource centre online

Priorities for local AIDS control efforts : an overview of the PLACE method


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Provides information about the Priorities for Local AIDS Control Efforts (PLACE) method of improving HIV prevention programme coverage. It was dveloped by local AIDS prevention managers in resource poor settings who wanted to know where to target resources to prevent new infections. The focus on PLACE is to identify gaps in current prevention programmes and monitor programme coverage over time

The Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association

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The Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association, located in Anchorage and Juneau, Alaska, offers both client services for those affected by HIV and AIDS, as well as education, awareness and prevention programmes. This website includes links to many useful websites on general basic HIV and AIDS information, as well as information targetted to women, young people, and different ethnic and spiritual communities

CATIE : Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

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CATIE is a significant HIV/AIDS information resource organisation. Its website offers a range of online resources including: e-library of treatment publications, factsheets and practical guides for people living with HIV or AIDS. Resources and publications are tailored to meet the information needs of PLWHA, health care providers and service providers. Others CATIE websites include:, for youth living with HIV/AIDS;, which provides treatment information in many languages;, for nurses;, an online health and wellness magazine for people living with HIV/AIDS;, for Volunteers and AIDS Service Organizations wanting to connect

The Africa campaign on disability and HIV & AIDS


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This document gives a brief and condensed overview of the background and activities of the Africa Campaign on disability and HIV and AIDS. It is useful for everybody who would like to learn more about this disability and HIV and AIDS initiative

HIV and AIDS and disability


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This section of IDDC’s website highlights HIV and AIDS and disability information. It presents general HIV and AIDS and disability information, the HIV and AIDS and disability task group’s focus and related activities, as well as other key resources and partner activities

SciDev.Net : spotlight on mother to child transmission


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This new online ‘spotlight’ on mother-to-child transmission of HIV brings together news, opinion and information on the latest research and international guidelines on the prevention of MTCT. The spotlight contains a comprehensive introduction to the issues with breast-feeding and drug therapy, including an overview of the current guidelines on anti-retrovirals; essential background reading on the basic science of mother-to-child transmission and its prevention as well as on anti-retrovirals, microbicides and vaccine development up to date news, features and opinion articles on mother-to-child transmission and links to key organisations in the field. The spotlight is a new edition to the HIV/AIDS quick guide which charts recent developments and indicates promising new avenues of treatment by bringing together topical coverage and background reading



Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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