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Viral load & CD4


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Provides information about blood tests known as viral load and CD4 counts, intended to help HIV positive people decide when to start treatment, and to monitor the effects of treatment

Five myths about AIDS that have misdirected research and treatment


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Reviews a range of research to argue that AIDS is caused by a combination of factors, so is a 'synergistic' disease, rather than solely being caused by HIV infection. Argues that research has been misunderstood in a number of key areas and argues: different groups develop AIDS at different rates which can only be explained by other factors that may vary across risk groups; examples of people who are infected with HIV reverting to being HIV negative are common; antibodies for HIV may signal that the effective 'T-cell' immune response has been unsuccessful and thus herald the loss of immune regulation; a range of nonretroviral treatments such as safer sex practices, elimination of drug use, high nutrient diets and limiting re-exposure to HIV and its co-factors have proven to be effective means of peventing or delaying the onset of AIDS; many immunosuppressive factors are as highly correlated with AIDS risk groups as HIV


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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