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Missing the target : a report on HIV/AIDS treatment access from the frontlines

November 2005

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The ITPC is a global alliance of over 600 treatment activists that include people living with HIV and AIDS and their advocates. This report is the first systematic assessment of treatment scale up based on the research of people living in communities in six countries where the epidemic has hit the hardest - the Dominican Republic, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Russia and South Africa. The report is based on their experiences and first-hand knowledge of the situation on the ground. Each country used a case study methodology, emphasising interviews with key informants. The report identifies barriers that could prevent efforts to make treatment more widely available and makes concrete recommendations for governments and international institutions

Coping with irregular ARV supplies : PLHA experience in Nigeria [abstract]


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In 2002, Nigeria initiated a pilot ARV treatment programme in 25 federal medical institution to provide ART to 10,000 people living with HIV and AIDS. The drug supply however became so irregular that they became unavailable. This paper, presented at the 2004 International AIDS Conference, describes coping mechanisms adopted by people living with HIV and AIDS benefiting from the programme. When drugs ran low or out completely, fewer than 8% of patients were able to purchase drugs privately due to high cost. High cost and fear of fake drugs were major reasons for not continuing treatment. Strategies adopted to cope included skipping doses, buying very little supplies at a time, sharing drugs with HIV positive spouse, relation or friend, using herbal medicines, prayers, food supplements and multivitamins as alternatives to ARVs. The paper concludes that governments need to put in place a more sustainable ARV programme. Comprehensive VCT centres should be established in all these pilot centres and treatment education should be given a priority


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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