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November 2016

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The Global Healthsites Mapping Project is an initiative to create an online map of every health facility in the world and make the details of each location easily accessible. The aim of this website is the long term curation and validation of health care location data. The map will enable users to discover what healthcare facilities exist at any global location and the associated services and resources. Through collaborations with users, trusted partners and OpenStreepMap the location and contact details of every facility will be captured and the data made freely available under an Open Data License (ODBL). When a natural disaster or disease outbreak occurs there is a rush to establish accurate health care location data that can be used to support people on the ground. map aims to reduce the time wasted in establishing accurate and accessible baseline data.


Human resources for health dossier


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A dynamic guide to the issue of human resources for health. Increasingly, developing countries are scaling up their efforts to contain HIV/AIDS, expanding access to ARV treatment. And yet, there is not sufficient commitment to provide the necessary medical personnel and health expertise. This online dossier discusses a number of key issues relating to human resources, providing links to full text documents and references. Topics include: strengthening capacity, financial and non-financial incentives, migration, nursing, planning, gender, skills, absenteeism, dual working, HIV/AIDS, public health, Millennium Development Goals

The capacity project : planning developing & supporting the workforce

Capacity Project

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This global initiative has been designed to help developing countries build and sustain the health workforce so that they can respond systemically to the challenges of implementing and sustaining quality health programmes. The project seeks to improve the quality, accessibility and use of priority health services through: 1. Improving workforce planning and leadership; 2. Developing better education and training programmes for the workforce, and 3. Strengthening systems to support workforce performance. The Capacity Project works across sectors such as health, education, planning, public service commissions and local government entities in order to address the varied forces that affect the health workforce. The Project also works in multiple priority health areas, including family planning and reproductive health, maternal and child health, HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and other infectious diseases

STAKES : knowledge for welfare and health


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STAKES is an expert Finnish agency in the field of social welfare and health care that produces information and expertise for policymakers and other stakeholders. STAKES main functions are research, development and statistics. This website contains information about the agency as well as topic specific information about health services, social services, welfare policy, living conditions, childhood and family, older people, disability, mental health, and alcohol and drugs. Links are provided to related publications and updates

Trauma care foundation : main publications


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This publication list provides links to resources available on the Trauma Care Foundation (TCF) website. TCF operates rural trauma systems for victims of injuries from wars, mine field and cluster bombs in Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nepal and Vietnam. Related research articles and publications are provided for the following subtopics: prehospital care and triage; postinjury malaria; delivery life support; and trauma surgery. This site is useful for people seeking information about trauma care and surgery in developing countries

Comprehensive community based rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT)


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This website provides information about the NGO Comprehensive community based rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT). CCBRT comprises two community-based rehabilitation (CBR) programmes in Dar es Salaam and Moshi, a disability hospital, and an active international training programme. The website features general information about the organisation, current initiatives, details about their partners and related publications. This website is useful for people interested in CBR in Tanzania

MAKER website for health services managers


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A library of documents, tools and websites relevant to operational managers in resource poor settings, organised under a set of key topics, each with several sub-topics. Topics include working with staff; budgeting and monitoring expenditure; collecting and using information; obtaining and managing drugs and equipment; maintaining equipment, vehicles and buildings; interacting with the community and other stakeholders. The site is interactive and encourages health managers to share experiences of management successes and problems, policies, procedures, standards or guidelines, and more formal reports on some aspect of management implemented or changed in a country. Fully searchable


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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