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Sexual and reproductive health for HIV-positive women and adolescent girls : mannual for trainers and programme managers

BELL, Emma

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This manual is designed to provide information and structure for a four-day training and a two-day planning workshop that will enable programme managers and health workers in resource-constrained settings to offer comprehensive, non-judgemental, and quality care and support to HIV-positive women and adolescent girls in the local context. The manual also encourages male involvement and promotes a holistic approach to integrated sexual and reproductive health (SRH) counselling and programme planning that links SRH and HIV and AIDS services

Reducing stigma and discrimination related to HIV and AIDS : training for health care workers. Trainer's manual


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This manual is aimed at reducing stigma and discrimination in health care settings. Health workers' fears are based on real risks of medical transmission, due to lack of information and training and poor precaution practices. This manual uses participatory training methodologies to change health care workers' attitudes and provide practical information around patient rights and safe work environment. It covers a broad range of topics, including: stigma and discrimination, right to privacy and confidentiality, HIV transmission, standard precaution practices, post-exposure prophylaxis, and HIV testing

HIV i-Base : HIV treatment information for healthcare professionals and HIV-positive people

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This is an an easy to understand, non-technical website providing information about anti-retroviral treatment for AIDS for health care professionals and HIV positive people. There are clear guides to combination therapy, changing treatment, managing side effects and women's health. There is a regular HIV treatment bulletin that gives a technical review of latest treatment research and trials and news relating to clinical management of HIV. It also provides information on education and training on meetings, materials, specialist training and networks for HIV positive people and community advocates in the UK and abroad. HIV i-Base is an HIV-positive led activist group


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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