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Immunization in practice : a guide for health workers


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Contents: Module 1. Target diseases -- module 2. The vaccines -- module 3. The cold chain -- module 4. Ensuring safe injections -- module 5. Planning immunization session to reach every infant -- module 6. Holding an immunization session -- module 7. Monitoring and using you data -- module 8. Building community support for immunization

Anthropological perspectives on injections : a review


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There is evidence that injections and injection equipment are now often used by lay people in developing countries. Epidemiological evidence links the large number of unsafe injections to serious bloodborne infections such as viral hepatitis b and c, and HIV. This article examines the reasons behind the demand for injections by consumers and the administration of unnecessary or unsafe injections by different types of provider. Interventions aimed at reducing the risk of unsafe injections are discussed in relation to cultural and social factors as well as those factors associated with health systems. Suggestions are made for approaches to the design of such interventions


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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