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Antiretroviral treatment in Zambia : a study of the experiences of treatment users and health care workers

March 2004

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This is a report detailing the main themes that emerged from research in Zambia testing the effect of a package of community education and referral interventions to expand health and ARV literacy, achieve better health-seeking behaviour, improve equity of access, boost ARV adherence and improve prevention for people with HIV. In Zambia, the ARV treatment programme in public health institutions has started scale-up, aiming as a first goal to reach 10,000 people. Zambia's central board of health (CBoH) commissioned an operations research project through the Alliance and Horizons. The research sought to understand how health seeking behaviour, particularly for VCT, adherence to ARV treatment, prevention for people with HIV and equity of access to ART treatment programmes can be improved. Eleven themes emerged from these in-depth interviews and form the main body of the report. Information needs and misinformation about HIV/AIDS and ARVs cross-cut most themes. Key actions to support improvements in policy and advocacy in support of people living with HIV in Zambia are listed at the end


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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