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HAI News is the communicational tool of the global network Health Action International. It provides a forum for HAI partners to share their experiences and learn from one another in the section Network News. A lead article examines and analyses in depth selected current topics relevant to health and pharmaceuticals. The section on Journal Scan reports on developments in the international campaigns for more rational and fairer health and pharmaceutical policies. The Resources section carries reviews of selected publications of interest to health activities
Four times a year
Free non-profit organisations

Women's health exchange

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Designed to serve as a participatory forum through which community groups from around the world can share ideas about health education for women. Each issue includes a training guide with participatory activities around different women's health concerns, and other features, such as profiles of organisations doing creative work, and new developments in women's health. Ideas and contributions from readers are welcomed
Three to four times a year
Donations to cover mailing costs welcomed
free online

Post-polio health [formerly: Polio network news]

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Polio Network News is an international newsletter for polio survivors, health professionals, and resource centers to exchange information, encourage research, and promote networking among the post-polio community worldwide. Also publishes the annual Post-Polio Directory which lists self-identified clinics, health professionals, and support groups knowledgeable about the late effects of polio
Four times a year
30 USD


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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