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Stories of women with disabilities pursuing employment in Guyana : as employees or as entrepreneurs

HALL, Karen
April 2005

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This thesis analyses the stories of 20 women with disabilities highlighting their employment experiences, and compares the findings to the National Development Strategy and the community work carried out by local women organisations. The thesis highlights the social theory section on community economic development and is useful to people interested in the employment experiences of women with disabilities in Guyana

Towards equality : creation of the disability movement in Central Asia

KATSUI, Hisayo

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This study looks at a political approach to civic activism in the field of disability, which is an approach that the two fields of development studies and disability studies have begun to focus on as a driving force for susatinable structural change.
The findings in the study are based on interviews conducted with Central Asian disabled people. Three main findings emerged: a vulnerability creation mechanism for disabled people, the heterogeneity of disabled people and the implications for equality

Male, female or disabled : barriers to expression of sexuality


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"This research is based in social model of disability and emancipatory research paradigm, and it explores barriers to the expression of sexuality in a small group of disabled persons in Italy. It has been carried out exclusively through Emails, Newsgroups and Internet, and it also explores the role of internet-based information technologies in participatory and emancipatory research"

Mainstreaming gender in disability and rehabilitation : a development perspective

REHMAN, Gulshun

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"Part I of the paper asserts the links between disability and human rights by highlighting the relationship between disability, gender and development by examining the ways in which poverty, environmental factors and gender issues determine access to health services by physically impaired women, men and young people in South Asia...In Part II of the paper the case study of a community hospital in Bangladesh specialising in the provision of medical care and rehabilitation services for paralysed women, men and children is used as a basis to examine the extent to which a unique and specialised service was able to meet the gender needs of its patients...Overall, the paper recommends that strategies to mainstream disability within a good governance policy objective at the global and national levels is essential if the relationship between disability rights and human rights is to be honoured and respected"


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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