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Voices from Zambian communities : experiences of HIV/AIDS related treatment in urban and rural settings. A report of community consultations on HIV/AIDS-related treatment in urban and rural Zambia, 2002-2003 with a practical guide on consulting individua


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This report summarises the findings of two community consultations carried out in Zambia. It amalgamates the two separate reports originally published on the Alliance website as "Voices from the community" (November 2002) and "Voices from rural communities" (May 2003). The two consultations aimed to learn about individual and community perceptions, knowledge and experiences of HIV/AIDS and related treatment. This included questions on ARV treatment and the importance and scope of the involvement of people with HIV and their communities in planning and implementing treatment programmes. The consultations were carried out by multi-disciplinary teams, used participatory methods and involved a wide variety of community members, including people with HIV, local leaders and health workers. The community consultations showed that for communities to realise their potential as a valuable resource for ART treatment, people need information and education as well as effective clinical care and support

European portal for action on health equity

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"This portal is a tool to promote health equity amongst different socio-economic groups in the European Union. Here, you can find information on policies and interventions to promote health equity within and between the countries of Europe, via the socio-economic determinants of health. "The information presented is the result of the collaboration of a wide range of health and social actors in the EU, that have come together in the context of a pan-European initiative that aims to stimulate action for greater health equity." DETERMINE is an initiative from 2007-2010 to take forward the work of the World Health Organization's Commission on the Social Determinants of Health


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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