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Behind the pandemic : uncovering the links between social inequity and HIV/AIDS


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This is an education toolkit which takes an exploratory and participatory approach to helping improve people's understanding about international HIV and AIDS issues and the links between HIV and AIDS and social inequity and poverty. There are three modules: Background and Basics, a Global HIV Pandemic Simulation, and Moving Into Action: Stopping the Pandemic. It also contains an extensive information section and instructions for leading the sessions

Reproductive health during conflict and displacement : a guide for programme managers

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO). Department of Reproductive Health and Research

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This guide outlines the impact of conflict and displacement on the provision of reproductive health services and sets out a strategy to lessen the plight of individuals and communities in emergency situations. It provides tools for the assessment of needs and monitoring of reproductive health both in refugee and displacement settings and in protracted low-grade conflicts. It also addresses the reproductive health needs of the post-conflict period and looks at ways to respond to the gender-based, sexual violence. This guide is intended for health programme managers, medical coordinators, donors and NGOs, trainers and managers of social services

Gender and HIV/AIDS : taking stock of research and programmes


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Discusses public health and social science research on risk and vulnerability as applied to both men and women (in terms of prevention, care and support). Examines current programming priorities in public health and development for gender and HIV, highlights trends and issues, and identifies challenges and gaps


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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