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HOARE, Joanna

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This collection of articles is drawn largely from Oxfam's journal 'Gender & Development'. It looks at the underlying social, economic and political causes of HIV and AIDS and at the largely community-based responses to these challenges

Gender equality and "sugar daddies"

HOPE, Ruth

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This paper considers the risks to young women of cross-generational sex, given that young women 15-24 years in sub-Saharan Africa are three times more likely to be infected with HIV than young men of the same age. It looks at sexual risk behaviour, consent, exploitation and coercion, and transactional sex with regard to cross-generational sex and it also looks at interventions to address risky behaviour

Gender and health : technical paper

DOYAL, Lesley

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This paper aims to indroduce health policy makers and planners to the concept of gender, and its role in health and health policy and in programme development. It shifts away from 'women in development' to explore 'gender and development', in other words approaching gender as a social rather than a biological idea. It aims to present an accessible review of the literature on gender and health


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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