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Population and health infoshare


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Population and Health InfoShare is an electronic library of material submitted by over 100 partner organisations. It features documents in reproductive and child health, HIV/AIDS, population and related areas. The primary objectives of PH InfoShare are to increase access to important population and health information; provide a means for organisations to share and exchange information; and foster greater dissemination of research findings and lessons learned. For users, PH InfoShare affords easy access to population and health material. Users may access documents by visiting the website or by sending requests via e-mail. Additionally, users may subscribe to e-mail updates, specifying the material they want to receive by topic, region, and partner, or can email themselves documents that they have identified through searching the website. The search facility allows users to select a topic, language, region/country and partner organisation from drop-down lists

Open Source Initiative OSI


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Open Source Initiative (OSI) is a non-profit organisation that promotes open source software. Even if source code of software is disclosed, it is not considered open source unless the software is provided with a software license which fulfils the Open Source Definition established by OSI. This website contains the Open Source Definition, list of OSI approved licenses, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on open source software, and other information on OSI

Free Software Foundation


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Free Software Foundation (FSF) is a non-profit organisation established to promote free software and its movement, especially GNU Project, which is a major provider of quality free software. This webpage provides useful information on free software, such as the Free Software Directory and a list of hardware that is free software compliant. FSF Project stresses the difference between free software and open source software in philosophy as well as in practice, and the relevant essays are available in the ‘essays’ section

Debian : the universal operating system


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Debian is one of the most widely used Linux distributions, known for its fidelity to free software philosophy. Debian provides a powerful package management system called APT (Advanced Packaging Tool), which makes installation, upgrade and uninstallation of software packages very simple. The distribution can be downloaded from links found in the Debian website

The content management comparison tool


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Because there is a wide selection of Content Management System (CMS) software packages available, it is difficult to research and determine which one is the most suitable for your needs. This website allows the potential CMS users to choose and compare the specifications and features of different CMS



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Mambo is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) that is distributed as "open source" software. This website provides basic information on Mambo, demonstrations that allow you to test Mambo without installation, installation requirements and the download links. Although Mambo was designed to work in English only, the site offers packages that enable Mambo to handle other languages. Mambo requires Apache, PHP and MySQL to operate

Open PHP Nuke : progressive content management


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Open PHP Nuke is a Content Management System software package distributed as "open source" software. Open PHP Nuke supports easy operation like drag & drop, and supports UTF-8 and multilingual contents by default. The website provides answers to frequently asked questions, tutorials, forums and the download links. Open PHP Nuke requires Apache, PHP and MySQL or other DBMS to operate

MySQL database products


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MySQL is one of the most popular open source Database Management Systems (DBMS). DBMS enables efficient management of a large amount data, and some application software (such as some CMS) utilises the ability to manage the data. Although it requires some special knowledge, you can create your own database using DBMS. The website provides download links and detailed documentation which includes instruction on installation and operation

OpenOffice : free office suite

et al

Expand view is a software package that is similar to and highly compatible with Microsoft Office. It is distributed as "open source" software, and is available for various platforms, including Microsoft Windows and Linux. includes Writer (word processor), Calc (spreadsheet), Impress (presentation programme), Draw (graphic editor), Base (relational database programme) and other tools. The software, as well as installation and operation manual, can be downloaded from the website

LASA Knowledgebase : open source software


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This website offers understandable information on software licenses and the usefulness of open source software in practice. The articles help readers to consider the benefits, potential risks and difficulties of using open source software. Operating systems (Linux distributions) and OpenOffice (office suite compatible with Microsoft Office) are included in the discussion

UNDP-APDIP international open source network


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IOSN is a Centre of Excellence for Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in the Asia-Pacific Region, established to facilitate and network FOSS advocates in the region. The website provides useful information on FOSS, especially for governments and education institutions. The contents include an introduction to FOSS, developing-country specific issues and FOSS for education, government or network infrastructure. Training materials, other useful resources and links are also available at the website

NGO manager : management tools and information for nonprofits worldwide

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The NGO Manager website provides a selection of management tools and key articles which are available on the internet free of charge. The NGO Manager E-Library contains links to more than 300 commented publications. Covers all aspects of programme and NGO management, including organisational development, performance management, financial management, human resources, communication and marketing