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This is the website of the School Readiness Indicators Initiative. This is a US multi-state initiative that uses child well-being indicators to build a change agenda in states and local communities in order to improve school readiness and ensure early school success. The initiative objectives are: to create a set of measurable indicators related to and defining school readiness that can be tracked regularly over time at the state an local levels; to have states and local governments adopt this indicators-based definition of school readiness, fill in gaps in data availability, track data over time and report findings to their citizens; to stimulate policy, programme and other actions to improve the ability of all children to read at grade level by the end of the third grade. This resource contains key news, updates and critical information materials. Although the focus is on the US, research on indicators and lessons learned can be adapted for other contexts

Mother and child nutrition : mother, infant and young child nutrition and malnutrition

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"The information and links contained within this site aim to address malnutrition in the global context, offering online access to the latest worldwide developments in its prevention and management. It is hoped that a greater understanding of best practices, including new technologies and available resources, will encourage more people to tackle the intergenerational transmission of malnutrition, while also freely sharing information and experiences." The website also has a specific section for information about nutrition and malnutrition in India. It is aimed at the community at large with a section practitioners and programme managers

Sustaining ability

International Centre for Evidence on Disability (ICED)

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This website enables interested individuals to learn more about sustainability and the Sustainability Analysis Process (SAP) through new and up-to-date technical information and practical case studies. The SAP is a coordinated participatory planning approach that facilitates the development of a common vision of sustainability among various actors in a system by outlining how to achieve a consensus on a common vision and how to define sustainability indicators using the six components of the Sustainability Framework. Resource links are provided to the SAP methodological guide, rehabilitation and health system case study reports, workshop facilitator guides, videos and related organisations

Zero project : for a world without barriers

World Future Council

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The Zero Project advocates for the rights of persons with disabilities internationally, and its mission is working for a world with zero barriers. The project's website is based on social media and is an interactive platform for anyone who is interested in Social Indicators, Innovative Practice and Innovative Policy examples in the field of disability. It aims to highlight the best solutions for creating change for the better. Information is also provided about the project, related conferences, resources and latest news

Charities Evaluation Services website


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The CES website includes: its training programme, details of its publications (including new ones on outcomes and benchmarking), information about CES' national outcomes programme 2003-2006 including a briefing for councils for voluntary service, a plain English introduction to monitoring and evaluation in the voluntary sector, a plain English introduction to using quality systems, information about PQASSO (Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Organisations), free downloads such as: Outcomes for homelessness charities, First steps in quality, First steps in monitoring and evaluation, links to specialist sites worldwide covering evaluation and quality, links to other sites supporting performance improvement in the UK voluntary and community sectors


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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