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Getting ready : findings from the National School Readiness Indicators Initiative. A 17 State partnership

February 2005

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This is a comprehensive report on school readiness indicators. The report explores why school readiness is important, and identifies core indicators in relation to children's development, families, communities and services. It also looks at indicators in relation to policy making and provides a sampling of policy options. The focus is on the US experience but findings and indicators can be adapted and applied to other contexts

Index for inclusion : developing learning and participation in schools


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The Index for Inclusion is a set of materials to guide schools through a process of inclusive school development. It is about building supportive communities and fostering high achievement for all staff and students.
This second edition manual comes with practical advice and questionnaires to help make schools more inclusive

Getting ready

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This is the website of the School Readiness Indicators Initiative. This is a US multi-state initiative that uses child well-being indicators to build a change agenda in states and local communities in order to improve school readiness and ensure early school success. The initiative objectives are: to create a set of measurable indicators related to and defining school readiness that can be tracked regularly over time at the state an local levels; to have states and local governments adopt this indicators-based definition of school readiness, fill in gaps in data availability, track data over time and report findings to their citizens; to stimulate policy, programme and other actions to improve the ability of all children to read at grade level by the end of the third grade. This resource contains key news, updates and critical information materials. Although the focus is on the US, research on indicators and lessons learned can be adapted for other contexts


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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