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How to investigate drug use in health facilities : selected drug use indicators

Action Programme on Essential Drugs

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This manual defines a limited number of objective measures that can describe the drug use situation in a country, region or individual health facility. Such measures, or indicators, will allow health planners, managers and researchers to make basic comparisons between situations different areas or at different times. In addition, when an intervention is undertaken to improve aspects of drug use, the indicators can be used to measure impact. Indicators can also serve as simple supervisory tools to detect problems in performance by individual providers or health facilities

Improved availability of essential medicines needed


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The lead article in this edition of the HAI and WHO medicines prices survey quarterly bulletin focuses on the need to improve the availability of essential medicines. Since 2003, medicines prices surveys have been carried out in a number of countries using a survey tool designed by WHO and HAI

HAI news

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HAI News is the communicational tool of the global network Health Action International. It provides a forum for HAI partners to share their experiences and learn from one another in the section Network News. A lead article examines and analyses in depth selected current topics relevant to health and pharmaceuticals. The section on Journal Scan reports on developments in the international campaigns for more rational and fairer health and pharmaceutical policies. The Resources section carries reviews of selected publications of interest to health activities
Four times a year
Free non-profit organisations


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INRUD works to develop appropriate methods to assess and disseminate effective strategies to improve the use of medicines. Each issue contains information on past and upcoming meetings; research briefs; recent publications and references of interest; and a sample of E-Drug electronic forum communications
Once or twice a year
Free online

Practical pharmacy for developing countries

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Aims to ensure the safe and rational use of drugs worldwide by increasing knowledge and understanding of drug management and supply, and improving work pactices. It is written for health workers who may have no specific pharmacy qualification, as a resource for training activities



Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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