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Globalization, patents and drugs : an annotated bibliography

BOULET, Pascale

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This annotated bibliography aims to inform people in the health sector, with no particular legal background, about the impact of globalization and trade agreements on access to drugs, and the growing importance of this issue. It directs the reader to key reports, books and articles from technical and scientific journals, both general references and specific country studies. Details of some useful web sites are also given.

Globalization and access to drugs : perspectives on the WTO/TRIPS agreement

BOULET, Pascale
January 1999

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The aim of this document is to inform people working in the health sector about the impact of globalization on access to drugs, and especially about the WTO agreement on intellectual property (TRIPS). Part 1 gives an introduction to the international trade system, and part 2 analyses the section on patents of the TRIPS agreement in relation to access to essential drugs


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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