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How to develop and implement a national drug policy


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In this new edition guidelines are given on developing a national drug policy - a crucial ingredient in every country's national health strategy and an invaluable framework to identify national goals and commitments. This expanded and extensively revised second edition discusses key policy components. These include the selection of essential drugs, affordability , finance and supply, regulation and quality assurance, rational use, research, human resources, monitoring and evaluation.
Each chapter presents useful advice and references to other sources of more detailed technical information. A valuable resource for health professionals, policy-makers and researchers, the publication takes readers through the process of planning, developing, implementing and monitoring a comprehensive policy framework based on a country's unique needs, priorities and resources

Health policy and planning

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Covers issues in health policy, planning, management and evaluation, and focuses on these issues in the developing world. It is particularly relevant to those working in international health, planning, medical care and public health, but should also have appeal for readers outside the health sector in such fields as social policy and community development
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