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World health statistics 2010


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This annual compilation of health-related data for the World Health Organization's 193 member states, includes a summary of the progress made towards achieving the health-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and associated targets

The role of partnerships in health equity

TUTU, Desmond
November 2008

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This commentary sees working in partnership as key to tackling the disparity in access to health care throughout the world. It cites the Medical Knowledge Institute's programmes for addressing HIV in Africa as an example of successful partnerships.

Health and the Millennium Development Goals


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The report presents data on progress on the health goals and targets. It looks beyond the numbers to analyse why improvements in health have been slow and to suggest what must be done to change this. The report points to weak and inequitable health systems as a key obstacle, including particularly a crisis in health personnel and the urgent need for sustainable health financing

South African health review 2001

March 2002

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This is a comprehensive, authoritative and independent review of the South African health system. It is published annually and this year's edition is is made up of 17 chapters grouped into four themes: listening to voices, equity, information for health, accountability and transformation. The review acts as a barometer for assessing the transformation processes and their impact on provision of equitable health care to all in South Africa

Decision making for equity in health sector reform

LEIGHTON, Charlotte

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Health sector reforms that many countries around the world are undertaking have goals of improving equity, access, quality, efficiency, and/or financial sustainability of their health systems. This primer proposes a framework for policy-makers in developing countries to use when they consider equity issues in the context of health sector reform initiatives and goals. It summarises key service delivery and financing decisions in the design and implementation of programmes to address equity, while paying attention to cost-effective approaches and the need to adapt equity policies to specific country circumstances. The primer also identifies indicators that might be used to monitor progress in equity and highlights lessons learned from real world experiences

Global health observatory (GHO)


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The Global Health Observatory (GHO) provides access to WHO's global health-related statistics. The aim of the GHO is to: compile and verify major sources of health data; provide easy access to country data and metadata; present scientifically sound information in user-friendly formats. Specific areas are provided for theme pages, a data repository, reports, country statistics, a map gallery and standards


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