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World health report 2008|Primary health care : now more than ever


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This report considers four sets of reforms that reflect a convergence between the values of primary health care, the expectations of citizens and the common health performance challenges that cut across all contexts. These include: universal coverage reforms, service delivery reforms, public policy reforms, and leadership reforms. "While universally applicable, these reforms do not constitute a blueprint or a manifesto for action. The details required to give them life in each country must be driven by specific conditions and contexts, drawing on the best available evidence"

Drug patents under the spotlight : sharing knowledge about pharmaceutical patents

BOULET, Pascale
GARRISON, Christopher
T'HOEN, Ellen
May 2003

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This report is aimed at a non-expert, non-legal audience, and it aims to offer new approaches to those seeking to overcome patent barriers. It focuses on the issues that World Trade Organisation (WTO) Members can control before a patent has been granted, and discusses how to challenge patents that have been granted, giving examples of the different choices available and the consequences of those choices. This publication has arisen from MSF's need to know which medicines are patented in which countries for its operational work - information which is not publicly available in an understandable form. Includes patent data collected regarding 18 pharmaceuticals in 29 countries, and calls for international organisations to establish a comprehensive, understandable, publicly accessible database of patents and drugs



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This database contains resources that address disability and inequalities and highlight recommendations for a disability-inclusive post-2015 development framework


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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