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Gender and indicators cutting edge pack

MOSER, Annalise
July 2007

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This overview report investigates the conceptual and methodological approaches to gender, with a particular focus on the various indicators of change. Its aim is to compare current debates and collect best practices at the grassroots and international levels. Key topics explored in this resource include: measuring gender mainstreaming; mitigating risks in data collection; and international measurements. This work concludes with a list of recommendations. It would be most useful for anyone with an interest in gender issues, human rights and measuring social indicators

Health and the Millennium Development Goals


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The report presents data on progress on the health goals and targets. It looks beyond the numbers to analyse why improvements in health have been slow and to suggest what must be done to change this. The report points to weak and inequitable health systems as a key obstacle, including particularly a crisis in health personnel and the urgent need for sustainable health financing

Human development report 2005 : international cooperation at a crossroads. Aid, trade and security in an unequal world


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The 2005 report takes stock of human development, including progress towards the MDGs. Looking beyond statistics, it highlights the human costs of missed targets and broken promises. Extreme inequality between countries and within countries is identified as one of the main barriers to human development and as a powerful brake on accelerated progress towards the MDGs. The report argues that poverty and inequality need urgent attention. It gives a comparison of life expectancy in various countries and puts forward a case that the response from the international community to HIV/AIDS pandemic has been lacking. The report indicates that child mortality has been on the rise compared to the 1980s when the trend had been reversed

Human development report 2002 : deepening democracy in a fragmented world

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

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This report studies the allocation of resources around the world, and links this to the political environment - in particular, the spread of democracy over the past twenty or so years. The report contains statistical information and graphics to illustrate many aspects of development


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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