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Independent Living Institute Virtual Library


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A virtual library containing references and access to full text documents from around the world on independent living and related themes: for example women with disabilities, international access solutions and disability and development. Materials cited include reports, resource kits, training manuals, conference papers and journal articles. The database can be searched by author, by selecting a topic from a list of categories such as international development, human rights or UN documents, or by performing a free search. Search results are ranked to indicate best match to search query. There is also a database of organisations and companies working in the disability field

Disability awareness in action (DAA)


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DAA is an international human rights network run for and by disabled people. The website is used to pass on information and news to disabled people and organisations. There are links to further information about disability that is available on the Internet, as well as to DAA's resource kits (some are available online) and reports, and the contact details of other disability organisations

Museum of disability history

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The Museum of Disability History aims to spread awareness and promote understanding, acceptance and inclusion of disabled people. This website features exhibits, collections, educational materials and archives provided to foster dialogue and empowerment

Africa union of the blind


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The purpose of this website is to mobilise, empower and disseminate information for individuals and organisations that support the visually impaired across Africa. The African Union of the Blind is a pan-Africa umbrella NGO specialising in the rights of people with visual impairment

Sync Leadership


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This website shares information to train and empower people with disabilities. The aim is to encouragepeople with disabilities to develop advocacy strategies that will politically engage policy-makers

The Secretariat of the African decade of persons with disabilities (SADPD)

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This website aims to empower partnerships between governments, disabled people's organisations and development organisations to include disability and persons with disabilities in policies and programmes in all sectors of society in Africa. The priority activities for the African Decade are capacity building, advocacy, lobbying and awareness raising

Funky flamingo tv


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Funky Flamingo TV is the first internet television station created for and by disabled people. It features stations on the arts, film, youth and news

Interpreting the physical environment for deafblind people

KIRK, Tony

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This article focuses on adaptations to the environment that can enable a deafblind person to function more effectively. The aim is to offer guidelines which will enable the person to be more self sufficient. The author also describes how to make the environment supportive of disabilities rather than providing barriers

The disability archive UK

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The aim of the Disability Archive UK is to provide access to the writings of those disability activists, writers and allies whose work may no longer be easily accessible in the public domain, to help inform current and future debates on disability and related issues

The European Deafblind Union (EDBU)

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The European Deafblind Union (EDBU) is an association that joins together deafblind people's organisations based in Europe. This website provides information about the EDBU's work and has links to its newsletters, conference notes and general assembly notes

The Finnish Deafblind Association

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This website highlights the work of the Finnish Deafblind Association including details of their services provided, organisational activities, international activities and publications

Digital mentors

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This website provides information about an initiative to develop a network of "digital mentors" working in deprived communities in England which would help more individuals to use social and community media. It aims to empower people in communities, improve their access and provide learning opportunities by increasing their skills in using websites, podcasts, digital photography, online publishing tools and local broadcast media. There are also links to updates, a discussion forum and related documents

Ghana federation of the disabled


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This website contains information about the Ghana Federation of the Disabled (GFD), their projects, related legislation and advocacy activities. Links are provided to their members organisations and their development partners. GFD is a national umbrella orangisation of people with disablities. Its main area of focus is advocacy to influence national policies and programmes for full inclusion and active participation of people with disabilities. The website is useful for anyone interested in the disabled people's movement in Ghana

Disability News and Information Service (DNIS)

DNIS : Disability news and information service

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The Disability News and Information Service (DNIS) is a fortnightly news service on disability in India. It aims to empower people with disabilities by making them, their family members and the society at large aware of their rights. It is available by free electronic subscription and an archive is available on the website

CBR update

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This newsletter looks at the issue of CBR from a southern Africa perspective as well as other disability issues such as disability rights, employment, sexuality, HIV/AIDS, inclusive education etc
three times a year

Global network for people living with HIV/AIDS (GNP+)

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This is the website of the Global Network for and by living with people with HIV and AIDS. The network's aim is to work to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV and AIDS through helping to strengthen their capacity at global, regional and national levels

The FIA guide for the disabled traveler


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This website provides a global guide for the disabled traveller by providing practical information about disability parking tools. This resource would be useful to anyone practical interested in information for disabled travelers

Disability in conflicts and emergencies


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This factsheet presents a general overview of disability in conflict and emergencies. Case studies are highlighted to emphasise that disabled people are often the most at risk in emergency situations, that disasters and crises lead to disability, and the importance of good planning and accessiblility. This resource is useful to people interested in disability, conflict and emergencies