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A challenge to make more effective use of scarce resources | Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine : annual report 2002-2003


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This page contain information on the Malaria Knowledge Programme at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. The page notes the work carried out by the VHA on developing a framework that can be used to identify cross-sectoral and multi-disciplinary approaches to vulnerability to malaria, TB and HIV. It shows that few resources are being put into developing appropriate, cheap and accurate tools for malaria diagnosis. Evidence shows that what is needed is effective district laboratory services. It also mentions the Gates Malaria Partnership, which has supported a radio project in the Gambia. It is called ‘Bolonghodala’ which means ‘By the Riverside’. It is a radio drama set in a fictional but typical rural village and combines stories about people’s lives with malaria prevention

The treatment of AIDS in Soul Buddyz : a multimedia campaign for children's health in South Africa

et al
October 2002

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"Soul Buddyz" is a mass media "edutainment" vehicle for children aged 8-12 years old, based on the successful "Soul City" adult vehicle. The methodology was used to reach children with important messages about AIDS, youth, sexuality and gender. The series was developed through an interactive process involving children, and consists of a 26-part television drama, a 26-part radio magazine programme in three local languages, and a lifeskills book distributed to one million 12 year old children. The series was accompanied by an advocacy campaign to reach policy makers and to enrich NGOs' ability to be child rights activists. The evaluation of the series shows that 67% of South African children accessed "Soul Buddyz". Binary logistical regression showed that those children had increased knowledge, showed improved attitudes, and discussed the issues more than those who didn't use the materials. Further the materials improved parents' understanding and willingness to interact with children about difficult issues such as sex, AIDS and gender


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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