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Enabling equality : furthering disability equality for staff in higher education

EWENS, David
et al

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Informed by in-depth interviews and a widely distributed survey of disabled staff in higher education institutions, this research identifies ten areas that are influential in shaping the experiences of disabled staff in the workplace, and offers recommendations for best practice
Note: This report is available in both pdf and word format

In the face of disaster : children and climate change


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This report explores the potential impact of climate change and natural disasters on children’s health, nutrition, protection and education. The report also raises concerns about how vulnerable households will cope and adapt to these changes, and what this might mean for children’s survival. It focuses on improving disaster risk reduction, including the use of child-centred approaches, and improving humanitarian response

Financing of social sectors : state of art in the international development debate

KLASEN, Stephan

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The development of poverty reduction strategies in recent years has seen a shift from a focus on income growth to a multidimensional approach, which aims to help the poor through improving the performance of all social sectors, including health, education and social protection. While the Millennium Development Goals espouse this view, progress is often patchy and unsatisfactory mainly due to insufficient funds and ineffective donors' involvement. This study discusses current financing practices through traditional project aid. It shows how and why they often fail to promote local ownership, sustainability, poor people priorities, capacity development and aid coordination. The study calls for the adoption of 'new' aid instruments, highlighting the benefits of direct budgetary support (DBS) and transitional arrangements, such as basket funding. This issues study is aimed at policy makers, donors, and NGOs, and it is an essential tool for anyone interested in the debate on development funding


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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