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Estrategias para Incentivar la Interacción virtual entre Pediatras y Neonatólogos del Perú|[Strategies to allow the virtual interaction among pediatricians and neonatologists from Peru]


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The difficult information exchange and lack of uniform approaches, allowed the implementation of strategies by virtual interaction between pediatricians and Peruvian neonatologists through Internet. An e-mail list was organized through a free supplier with some members from the Neonatal Section of the Pediatric Society, who exchanged files and messages periodically, mainly on training events. The group was interviewed and the importance of information exchange among the members was verified

Programme experiences : youth AIDS network - Latin America and the Caribbean


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In an effort to build networks for youth HIV/AIDS prevention, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has collaborated with international organisations and YouthNet to create an email network of adolescent health specialists. PAHO's Child and Adolescent Health and HIV/AIDS/Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) units are leading the effort, which focuses on youth AIDS prevention in Latin America and the Caribbean. This article examines the experiences of organisers of the programme, in which members receive the Youth HIV Action newsletter and Breaking the Silence advocacy sheet, among other publications

EHAS : una plataforma integral para la prestación de tele-servicios a comunidades rurales

LÓPEZ, Diego Mauricio
et al
December 2003

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This article describes an initiative developed by project EHAS (Enlace Hispano-Americano de Salud) in order to offer Internet and electronic mail services to rural populations. It emphasis the role of local dialogue and facility of intra-community communication, broadband, accessibility, reliability, low costs of installation and operation, and shared connectivity with the outside world

Tecnologías de la información aplicadas a salud en zonas rurales de América Latina


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The objectives of the programme 'Enlace Hispano-Americano de Salud' are oriented to offer low-cost possibilities of communication and services of access to information for health personnel in the countryside of Latin America where conventional telephony is not widespread. The services are based on the exchange of information between colleagues, specialist consults and access to specialized documentation through facilitators. The technologies allow access to the Internet through radio systems and are based on the use of electronic mail


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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