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The Senegalese antiretroviral drug access initiative : an economic, social, behavioural and biomedical analysis

et al
April 2004

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This very thorough analysis of the Senegalese Antiretroviral Drug Access Initiative (ISAARV) presents preliminary results from the initiative's first three years. The analysis explores four aspects of the programme: treatment access, adherence, therapeutic efficacy, and the impact of this treatment programme on the Senegalese health care system

Access to care : challenges [whole issue]


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This report is intended as a tangible record of the 13th ICASA (International Conference on AIDS and STDs in Africa) conference: what was said, by whom and when. The report summarizes the highlights, beginning with the conference's history and moves on to themes and objectives. It presents the main issues emerging from the conference through the eyes of the rapporteur teams, key correspondents and selected participants. The focus then shifts to a brief description of the on-site newspaper Pamoja News and the skills building sessions, and finally, the rapporteurs' presentations. By documenting the proceedings of the 13th ICASA it is hoped that the momentum in collective struggle against HIV/AIDS will be maintained, through ongoing strategies of partnership, stakeholder collaboration, and cross and multi-sectoral approaches


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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