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Ensuring equitable access to antiretroviral treatment for women : WHO/UNAIDS policy statement


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This policy brief identifies actions needed to address the gender dimensions of equity in access to ART. It identifies four key areas: development of a supportive policy environment; strengthening health systems to make them more responsive to the specific needs of women and men; promotion of programmes that overcome obstacles to equitable access; development of benchmarks and indicators to measure progress. This brief addresses each area in turn

Expanding antiretroviral treatment in developing countries creates critical new challenges

June 2002

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Summarizes and describes the challenges and policy implications for scaling up ARV provision in developing countries. It identifies six core challenges: expanding health system capacity; affordability of treatment regimens; integrating and strengthening prevention activities; adverse side effects; drug resistance; and the needs of a growing population of people living with HIV


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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