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SciDev.Net : spotlight on mother to child transmission


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This new online ‘spotlight’ on mother-to-child transmission of HIV brings together news, opinion and information on the latest research and international guidelines on the prevention of MTCT. The spotlight contains a comprehensive introduction to the issues with breast-feeding and drug therapy, including an overview of the current guidelines on anti-retrovirals; essential background reading on the basic science of mother-to-child transmission and its prevention as well as on anti-retrovirals, microbicides and vaccine development up to date news, features and opinion articles on mother-to-child transmission and links to key organisations in the field. The spotlight is a new edition to the HIV/AIDS quick guide which charts recent developments and indicates promising new avenues of treatment by bringing together topical coverage and background reading

UNITAID : together to heal

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UNITAID’s mission is to contribute to scaling up access to treatment for HIV and AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, primarily for people in low-income countries, by leveraging price reductions for quality diagnostics and medicines and accelerating the pace at which these are made available


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