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A guide to sector-wide approaches for health development : concepts, issues and working arrangements


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Introduces and explains the concept of sector-wide approaches, which involves a partnership between governments and all donors working in the health sector, whereby goals are jointly set, coherent sector-wide strategies are mutually agreed, funding is allocated in line with goals and strategies, and actions and responsibilities are collective, though ownership belongs to the government. The approach also calls for the concentration of funding on interventions of proven effectiveness, and the use of national systems for financial management, monitoring, and the procurement of goods and services. Although experience with the approach is limited, the author cites convincing evidence of its potential to overcome many long-standing problems in the provision of development aid. The strategy also responds to growing recognition that, when attempting to achieve sustained improvements in health, sector-wide approaches offer a better prospect of success than the piecemeal pursuit of separately financed projects. With this potential in mind, the author sets out a framework for understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the approach, the way it works in practice, the problems that are likely to arise, and procedures and mechanisms for overcoming these problems. Topics discussed range from the specific circumstances where sector-wide approaches are most appropriate, through ways of ensuring that investments reduce poverty and inequities, to the types of formal agreements needed to minimize misunderstandings. [Publisher's abstract, amended]

A visible form of charity

KALE, Rajendra

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This article is in response to a BBC documentary and the author suggests that health camps, which is one way of searching India' s rural patients, perhaps have different motives. The author suggests that most are done for charity and good will but they are only temporary and have inadequate follow-up : a gateway for capacity development

HAUCK, Volker

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This website focuses on providing updated information and background resources related to the policy and practice of capacity development. It addresses both the 'why' and 'how' of capacity development. The site aims to encourage perspectives and experiences from the South. It is designed with development researchers, practitioners and decision makers in Africa and donor countries in mind. The site offers a quarterly newsletter, a virtual library and hyperlinks to related websites. The material on the site is organised into four categories: policies and issues (why capacity building?), institutional groupings (civil society, government, private), sectors (agriculture, water, urban development), and tools and methods (assessment, info, planning)


Expand view is a website featuring a range of topics relevant to the daily lives of disabled people living in Kenya. For example the website covers relationships, leisure activities, business, education and health issues

SDG philanthropy platform : helping philanthropy engage in the global development agenda


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This website shows data on philanthropic investment, allowing people to find partners and identify and share experiences of effective collaboration. It contains many features, including a knowledge hub with reports, background papers, case studies and outcome documents, a dashboard of indicators displaying funding from philanthropy and the broader international development community by goal region, country and population group and much more



Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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