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The barefoot guide 2 : learning practices in organisations and social change

May 2011

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“The Barefoot Guide 2 is a practical resource for leaders, facilitators and practitioners involved in social change who want to improve and enrich their learning processes. This book is the joint effort of a group of development practitioners from across the globe. They have created something that will help them and others to start, and continue, the journey towards learning and social change. The writers are all passionate about learning and have brought their different experience and expertise to the book. It includes topics as diverse as community mobilising and development, adult learning, funding, evaluation, facilitation, and creative writing”



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This book is a practical, easy to read guide for development organisations looking to diversify their funding base. It offers a step by step approach to creating a funding strategy; an overview of the different types of funding sources available; and considers ethical fundraising principles specifically from a Christian viewpoint. There are also suggestion as to how the material might be adapted to a workshop setting. Case studies from local NGOs in developing countries provide real life examples of fundraising and the lessons learned. This resource is also available online in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese

Making evaluation results count : internalising evidence by learning [whole issue]

CARLSSON, Charlotte
August 2003

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Evaluations are perceived as learning opportunities and this document looks at some key ideas around how to improve the internalisation of evaluation results at different levels. Explores the relationship between learning and evaluation on three levels: in development policy and programming, in organisations, and in society at large. Considers the various different purposes of evaluation, what is meant by 'learning', and who should be learning. Describes some lessons around creating the conditions for effective learning, evaluation policy and practice, evaluators and professionalism, the need for further research and the value of south-south and south-north exchange.
The paper draws on a workshop called 'How can we learn from what we do? Evaluation and evidence-based communications for development'. There are questions raised within an institutional setting around who should learn, why should they learn and how should they set about it?

Some realities behind the rhetoric of downward accountability

CHAPMAN, Jennifer
April 2003

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This paper argues that while UK NGOs and donors claim to support downward accountability and promote local ownership and control of development, the policies and procedures that surround the disbursement and accounting for aid money ensure upward accountability dominates. This domination is part of a wider problem of domination by donors of their recipients, which skews the relationship and undermines the potential for these relationships to work well as partnerships

Learning from work : an opportunity missed or taken?

LUDIN, Jawed
March 2003

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This paper focuses on learning at the project level. It is based on findings from two small surveys carried out by BOND involving NGOs and donor organisations respectively. The first section, Learning Through a Project Cycle, mainly covers the views of BOND member NGOs about the concept of learning as well as whether and how it happens in the context of their day-to-day work. The second section, Learning and Donors, is based largely on the responses of four main donor organisations that took part in the relevant survey. Views of NGOs on the attitude and policies of donors towards learning from project work are also included

NGOs and partnership

BREHM, Vicky
April 2001

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This Policy Briefing Paper presents the findings from the first phase of INTRAC’s research ‘Promoting Effective North-South NGO Partnerships’ and draws out the implications for NGOs


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