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Report on HIV/AIDS grant making by US philanthropy

et al
November 2003

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This report gives an update on US private institutional grant making commitments in 2001 and 2002 in the area of HIV and AIDS. It summarises the most current data on HIV-related grant commitments from all sections of US philanthropy including private, family and community foundations, public charities and corporate grantmaking programmes. It lists the top 50 US based HIV/AIDS grant makers and has expanded reporting on corporate philanthropic responses

Global spending on HIV/AIDS in resource poor settings

KATES, Jennifer
July 2002

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This policy brief looks at the range of resources currently being expended to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic in resource poor settings (developing countries and countries in transition). It includes bilateral, multilateral and private sector support as well as domestic spending by recipient country governments. There are also reports on philanthropic giving by the business community and pharmaceutical companies. There are estimates of global funding requirements and estimates on current spending. It is noted that tracking mechanisms are often ill-equipped to provide current data on spending patterns. Little is known about exact ways in which the money is spent


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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