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Guide to European population assistance


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"In serving governmental and non-governmental institutions world-wide, the Guide to European Population Assistance is intended to be a valuable resource for grant-seekers, as it provides a source of detailed and annually updated information on the variety of public funding in Europe, one of the important donor regions globally. "Each of the 34 entries gives contact information, a statement on the organisation's/institution's purpose and mission, a review of financial information and, most importantly, detailed information about how to put in a proposal and how to apply for funding. "The data of the different institutions are as recent as 2003. Although its structure follows a uniform format, the institution profiles are taken from information released by the listed institutions themselves. Input from national ICPD-NGOs has been added to the profiles. "Throughout the Guide, profiles are in a common format, which may vary slightly from one institution to another. For each listed country, a short history and summary is given about its mission statement, fields of activity and organisational structure."


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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