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Human Rights
December 2014

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Malezi AIDS Care Awareness Organization (MACAO) is a non-profit organization reaching out to neglected Indigenous people in Ngorongoro District, Arusha Region of Northern Tanzania.  Macao founded in 2003, Macao is a humanitarian organization that provides assistance to approximately 200,000 Indigenous Maasai community in Ngorongoro district for addressing needs of water and sanitation, food security, health Care Research, Education, Research environment, Maasai Traditional Research, Human Rights and sustainable economic development by strengthening their livelihoods.  In addition to responding to major relief situations, MACAO focuses on long-term community development through over 4 Area Development Project. We welcome the donors and volunteers to join us in this programs, we are wolking in ruro villages.

Reaching out? donor reponses to faith-based organisations in the reponse to HIV/AIDS

WEAVER, Richard

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This briefing paper summarises the complexity of the impact of HIV and AIDS, especially on children; highlights the responses by faith based organisations (FBOs) to those affected by HIV and AIDS; analyses current responses by donors to FBOs in the context of HIV and AIDS; and makes recommendations for the UK's Department for International Development and other donors to ensure that those working effectively at a local level are provided with appropriate support. The focus is on organisations with a Christian basis of faith, although it is acknowledged that FBOs with other faith bases also carry out valuable work


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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