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Population and health infoshare


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Population and Health InfoShare is an electronic library of material submitted by over 100 partner organisations. It features documents in reproductive and child health, HIV/AIDS, population and related areas. The primary objectives of PH InfoShare are to increase access to important population and health information; provide a means for organisations to share and exchange information; and foster greater dissemination of research findings and lessons learned. For users, PH InfoShare affords easy access to population and health material. Users may access documents by visiting the website or by sending requests via e-mail. Additionally, users may subscribe to e-mail updates, specifying the material they want to receive by topic, region, and partner, or can email themselves documents that they have identified through searching the website. The search facility allows users to select a topic, language, region/country and partner organisation from drop-down lists

Nutrition data banks : micronutrient deficiency information system


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The micronutrient deficiency information system (MDIS) was established in 1991 following a request by the World Health Assembly that surveillance of micronutrient deficiencies be strengthened at the global level.The objectives of the MDIS are to: provide member states with national, regional and global assessments of the magnitude of micronutrient deficiencies; monitor and evaluate, through systematic data collection over time, the impact of WHO strategies to prevent and control micronutrient deficiencies, provide member states with technical support to increase capacity for the establishment and maintenance of national micronutrient deficiency surveillance systems.Currently, the MDIS includes three databases: iodine deficiency disorders, vitamin A deficiency, and anaemia

Internet Mental Health

LONG, Phillip W

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This website includes information on a wide range of mental illnesses and treatments, plus research, a magazine and links to other websites. It also hosts email discussion groups on mental health issues such as depression and schizophrenia

RHO cervical cancer

Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH)

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This website features information on cervical cancer prevention. It has recently been expanded to include a library of technical documents, training materials, patient education websites, and films and animation from world leaders in the field, such as the WHO, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, PATH, and many others. The library includes resources in English, Spanish and French

Diabetes : to the point


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This website was created to communicate accessible health information for people with intellectual impairements. It features a management plan and a glossary of useful terms. This resource would be useful for anyone with an interest in diabetes and accessible health communication

Fybromyalgia syndrome

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This website contains over 80 articles, written by experts, about different aspects of fybromyalgia and living with the condition. While some articles are relevant only to those living in the UK, most of the articles would be of wider interest