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Disability, displacement and public health : a vision for Haiti


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This article "highlights the situation of people with disabilities displaced by natural disasters, with a particular focus on Haiti which on January 12, 2010 was hit by a catastrophic earthquake of magnitude seven on the Richter scale. The article explores the opportunity for developing a series of best practices with regards to displaced people with disabilities in Haiti - practices that might be applicable to other natural disasters in the future"
Canadian Journal of Public Health, Vol 102, No 2

For a UNHCR executive committee conclusion on disability

et al
June 2009

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The paper highlights identified gaps and issues regarding specific protection and concerns of people with disabilities in emergency situations. Detailed priority measures are recommended for all stakeholders providing assistance to refugees and displaced persons to provide full access to assistance and protection to persons with disabilities in the design, implementation and monitoring of their programmes

Displaced populations and long term humanitarian assistance

KETT, Maria
July 2005

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This article endeavours to give healthcare professionals contributing to humanitarian missions and projects in the acute phase of population displacement, an awareness of some of the factors that can influence the long term outcomes can be of great benefit for understanding project implications and sustainability


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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