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Disability & deafness in the Middle East, a bibliography : comprising materials with technical, cultural and historical relevance to child and adult impairments, disabilities and deafness, incapacity, mental disorders, special needs, social and educatio

June 2008

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"This revised, retitled and updated bibliography now lists c. 1750 items. It aims to record the cumulative formal knowledge base in the disability field in countries of the Middle East, especially Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, and some smaller neighbours. Around 45% of the items in the bibliography, listed in the last two sections with a brief introduction, comprise historical materials of the Middle East from 1751 to 1970 and from Antiquity to 1750, as an essential and fascinating part of the cultural background. This earlier material has more annotation (and so takes about 60% of the total word-count), to enable potential readers to find the disability-related parts that are sometimes hidden in odd corners or footnotes, and also to indicate some cultural features that might be less easily understood nowadays. Greater coverage has also been given to disability and deafness in Egyptology, Assyriology, and the Hittite Kingdom in Anatolia"

Disability and deafness in East Asia : social and educational responses from antiquity to recent times. A bibliography of European-language materials with introduction and some annotation

August 2007

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This extensive bibliography includes over 900 articles, chapters and books relating to the social and educational responses to disability, deafness and mental health issues in China, Korea and Japan from antiquity to present day. It would be useful for anyone interested in disability studies, research and disability and development

Disability Knowledge and Research (KaR) Programme website

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The Disability KaR programme is part of the UK Department for International Development's (DfID) broader programme to eliminate poverty in poor countries. This website provides information about the programme, research reports and publications produced as part its activities and signposts useful information sources on disability issues. It also includes a useful synthesis of 'Lessons from the Disability Knowledge and Research Programme'

Disability and development database


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A collection of links to disability resources and resource lists, spanning a range of content from a basic introduction to the concept of disability, to those resources which serve a more in-depth critique of disability and impairment


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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