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The world health report 2001. Mental health : new understanding, new hope

October 2001

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This report raises awareness of the global burden of mental and neurological disorders, and its cost in human, social and economic terms. It also aims to dismantle the barriers which prevent millions of sufferers of mental and neurological disorders from receiving the treatment they need and deserve. The report describes how mental health problems can be solved (eg. by drug therapy, psycho-social rehabilitation and psychotherapy, vocational rehabilitation, housing), and gives examples of the effectiveness of these treatments for a wide range of mental disorders

Decision making for equity in health sector reform

LEIGHTON, Charlotte

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Health sector reforms that many countries around the world are undertaking have goals of improving equity, access, quality, efficiency, and/or financial sustainability of their health systems. This primer proposes a framework for policy-makers in developing countries to use when they consider equity issues in the context of health sector reform initiatives and goals. It summarises key service delivery and financing decisions in the design and implementation of programmes to address equity, while paying attention to cost-effective approaches and the need to adapt equity policies to specific country circumstances. The primer also identifies indicators that might be used to monitor progress in equity and highlights lessons learned from real world experiences

Guidelines and principles for the development of disability statistics


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This publication is aimed at assisting national statistical offices and other producers of disability statistics to improve the collection, compilation and dissemination of disability data. The document addresses methodological issues in the area of disability by providing guidelines and principles related to data collection, through surveys and censuses and also on the compilation, dissemination and usage of data on disability.

Measuring maternal mortality from a census : guidelines for potential users

HILL, Kenneth
STANTON, Cynthia
GUPTA, Neeru

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This publication, the result of a workshop held in Nairobi in 1998, aims to document and evaluate experiences of measuring maternal mortality from a recent census in developing countries, to encourage countries to build upon these experiences, and to compile recommendations for Statistical Offices considering using the census methodology for maternal mortality estimates

Valuing evaluation : a practical approach to designing an evaluation that works for you

March 2000

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An introduction to the basics of evaluation, its role and importance. Based on a 1997 workshop, this short paper takes a self-evaluation or learning-oriented approach with the emphasis on learning lessons for the future. It includes a discussion of qualitative versus quantitative methods, deciding on indicators, the involvement and input of different stakeholders, and issues for implementing an evaluation plan

Child well-being in the EU and enlargement to the East

February 2000

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The accession of up to 13 new members in the next decade is an important development now facing the European Union. This paper analyses measurable differences in the well-being of children between current club members, the EU Member States, and the 10 Central and Eastern European applicants seeking admission